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Hi there! This is 👋👋

As you know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday take place in a few days. And that is why we are offering, right now, a special discount for you if you want us to post your deals on our website during these days: November 25th to December 2nd 😃

First of all, you can speak with our leader Fonsi (Wechat: fonsi85 or Skype: icdeus85) if you have any doubt about the following information.

Let's get to it! 💪

How do we work in Mepicaelchollo?

– We post about 20 deals everyday on our main Telegram channel (with more than 25K followers). That means that these deals get more than 30.000 views in only 24 hours.
– We also post deals on our website. The moment we do it, there are about 30-50 people «watching» the deal in real-time. If the deal is really good, it can reach thousands of view by the end of the day.
– We really care about making good content. That's why our deals tend to get a really good natural web positioning. That would mean more traffic and clicks on your deal.
EXTRA INFORMATION: during the Black Friday 2018, our deals had almost a million of views on our advertising networks. We've grown a lot since then, so we expect to triple all these numbers 💪

We would be very happy to post your deals. We can reach many people, so it's a perfect way to boost your sales during these special days. By the way, we will also use our Facebook (more than 17K followers) and Twitter (more than 20K followers) to post your deals.

You can find our prices to post deals during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday days (from the 25th to the 2nd of December). Please, keep in mind that we are already offering you a special extra discount:

Deals on website + Twitter and Facebook + Telegram main channel:

– 1 post = 30€
– Pack of 5 posts = 150€ 120€ (that means 1 of the 5 is free)
– Pack of 10 posts = 300€ 200€ (each post is 20€ instead of 30€)

Deals on our Telegram main channel

– 1 post = 15€
– Pack de 5 posts = 75€ 60€ (each post is 12€ instead of 15€)
– Pack de 10 posts = 150€ 100€ ( each post is 10€ instead of 15€)

Deals on our secondary Telegram channels

Your deals can be also posted on our secondary channels, besides Mepicaelchollo channel.
A perfect way to gain more visibility of your hired deals!!

Descuentos Picantes Channel (+12K) = 5€
– Gangas Best Channel (+11K) = 4€
– Alerta Chollos Channel (+11K) = 4€ —> Only available if your product is from Amazon!
– Chollos AliExpress Channel (+9K) = 3€ —> Only available if your product is from Aliexpress!


– These prices are for one product in one post. If you ask to post more than one product in just one post, you should know that these are special posts with a higher price.
– We've already have many partners who hired deals for these special days. That's means that once you hired a pack with us, you must send us the deal's information to post with 2 days in advance, at least. And if you want us to post anything on the Cyber Monday (02/12/2019), you must send us the deal's information the prior Thursday. Please, keep in mind that we do not work on weekends. If you don't follow this, we can't guarantee you that your deals will be posted.
– Also, we won't be able to post your deals the same day you send them to us. That's why it's best if you follow the prior advice.


We have created a special landing for you to an easy and quick payment.

Please, follow the following steps:

– You can access the payment in this landing.

– You will find all the options in the dropdown list, at the very beginning.

– Choose the one you want and click on the BUY NOW button.

– Do the payment by PayPal.

– Once it's done, contact us on this email so you can send us your details and the deals.

IMPORTANT ✋ You must contact us to send us a screenshot of the payment and your company details.

If you have any questions, please contact our leader on (wechat: fonsi85 or Skype: icdeus85).

We would gladly post your deals. So please, don't take long to hire your deals 🙂

¡Happy Black Friday!

Best regards
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